2017 Once Upon a Poem Scholarship Slam

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Glass Slipper, Apple,  Rose, Needle, Stepmother, Queen, Monster, Witch, What if the fairy tales are messed up?   Glass Slipper, Apple, Rose, Needle, Monster, Stepmother,
In the small town of Oradour-sur-Glane, France, When the Nazis wore the pants, A Schutzstaffel soldier lurks down the streets.
It’s a cold and dark night, The last day of the year to be exact, But to the little girl, walking barefoot down the street, It doesn’t seem to matter.
I thought I knew it all: that Roses are red, giants are tall, and as my granny always said: beware of the villain hiding in the night trust in the hero shining in the light.
Once upon a time a girl was seen as peculiar Unlike all the other girls she focused more on her future She walked down the street avoiding all the eyes
Once upon a time...   In a lost lost world A dreaming girl slept. So did her country men And everyone who wept.   A hundred years passed A not one second early,
Hidden in the shadows, A servant to the King Waited for the magic His Highness said the night would bring. “Twelve princesses,” he’d told his mage, “Come dance for me at ten,
Toes curl below ragged skirts,  her eager eyes lit with meager heat,  a single match.  Visions of food, of shelter, of home  all she wants diners devour meat  girl devours sight 
Once Upon A Time... Little Red, Little Red.Read stories in her bed.Being the daughter of hunters she thought she would be loved.Until they realized she carried the beast within her blood.
Once Upon a Time …   There was a mother to be who sat by a window staring at the sky. A sorceress of nature, married to the King, holding wild rye.
Who’s the fairest of them all?She doesn’t have to be skinny; doesn’t have to be tall. Not always the one in the popular clique.Sometimes left as the team’s last pick.
Once upon a time the most beautiful of souls was born by a mother with but one hope in this world, to give birth to a daughter with a heart so pure. And it was so,
Ever since you and I met at the table You’ve listened to my complaints and encouraged me to be able To fight for what I believe in and have confidence in myself. I've decided to leave the dull cabinet life behind,
My mother gave me a basket of food, a map And the warning, “Remember your place in the food chain.”   I nodded and left, hood overhead
Once upon a time, in a land far away, kids slept more than five hours a night. Kids had more than a cup of coffee for breakfast. Kids hung out with their friends after school.  
Once upon a time There lived a girl named Cinderella She was an orphan living with her Evil Step Mother She was forbidden from ever having fun
"Sleep on it," sage advice. As I tumble and trip, struggle and rip myself apart from within - anxiety-coated. Caught in sleep, only to wake upon another's idea of what shall save me.
  Skulking in the mid of night A viridescent spirit leads in flight- His servant following suit Cloaked in a flaxen complimentary soot  
I suppose the Disney writers re-invented me as a mermaid in order to be more appealing to children The harsh reality of how such a wonderful world could be sad, isn't exactly a children’s story
Love brings joy and happiness, love can also control all. In order to protect her, lies turn to reality. Although I am handsome prince, and she the true ugly beast. But for the sake of true love,
While everyone knows Little Red Riding Hood The true tale of Wolf Is much less understood   The true story is Grandmother and Wolfie
She opened her eyes Took a couple steps Looked into the pond And into its depths She saw her reflection She thought she was beautiful
The Goldilocks family loves porridge the mostTheir porridge cannot be matched from coast to coast Daddy Goldilocks makes the porridge and sees a smile on everyone’s faceThen everyone sits down at the table to say grace
Rotten Core. That's what I found of you the one I adore. Adored. Once you came to my house with that apple, Charming, your smile full of esctacy
I dreamed about joining the divine dryland mermaids. Little did I know that they were not as perfect as they seemed to be. What do you call it? War? Money? Power? It's tearing your world apart!
Tangled in a situation. Mom wont let me out of the house. Captive in my own little world reading, painting, and cooking. When will my life begin?  
A girl in a tower Doomed at the hour  Was left all night to spin in the dark 'Straw to gold!' the king had barked For this was the feat she claimed she possesed   With a snap and a crackle
Pinocchio had died in a fire, His body charred and red. His family burned to nothing but ash. He was the only body found dead.   Geppetto was a doctor assigned to the autopsy.
INTRODUCTION Gather round and listen here, To my tale of pain and fear, Father good, stepmother sordid, Children with a fate quite horrid,
Roses in the garden today are red Voilets in the garden today are blue Wishes in the garden today is a child Blessings in the garden today is a child in my womb that grew   A daughter was born to me
They can lock me away Bind me with chains  Hide me from the light and say That I do not know what I am meant to be  But they cannot stop a girl  Who has seen beyond the castle walls  And knows
A lost and abandoned girlWalking around the cold streetAll alone as the snow swirlsWith nothing in hand to eat.
A single mother of two, couldn't handle work and two teens, She didn't know what to do. But then one day, a handy businessman came her way, The two got married and sent the children away.
While casually watching Beauty and the Beast, One tends to ignore Gaston's full, poulty feast. He claims to consume "4 dozen eggs each day", This meal is enough to make the chickens pray,
Here I am, king of the sea However true now, it wasn't always me My father once ruled over these waters He looked after me, and his five daughters One daughter stood out among the rest
Once upon a time there was a Prince Many tales of him but most were just myths  The truth of the prince should soon be unveiled For the tale of him saving the Princess was never real  
It's been 10 years since my dad died; or should i say murdered. 10 years since my dad was poison by my wicked stepmother. 10 years I’ve been living with my wicked sisters and mother in my dad's castle; confined to my own room.
Cinderella left the ball in a flurry Leaving only a glass slipper behind Prince Charming was searching for her But not to worry  
Confined to my paralyzed body I lay, waiting for my “true love” to come An unknown man to kiss me Yes, come at me you scum   How dare one go assault  A teenager at her prime
Once upon a time, in 2032, There lived a mad scientist, a man that dressed in blue. He had perfected the art of granting sentience to bots,
A young princess resided in a castle in FranceShe was pompous, narcissistic and arrogant. The princess was selfish and only cared about herselfBut her life changed forever with a visit from a stranger.  One rainy night, an old man came upon her ca
She never thought about me. It was as if I was her maid. She didn't see me as her step daughter to be. She just saw me as the one to put her daughter in a braid.   I missed mom. How could I not?
Once Upon a Time There was a young, beautiful princess She was kind, care-free, and happy As she grew older she had many suitors  Who were all vying for her attention But she never gave it  
There once was a cat who played the fiddle. He played for dough but made a little. Then one day he was deep in debt, So he went out to buy a net. He also went and borrowed a boat, But it didn’t really float,
There once was a cat who played the fiddle. He played for dough but made a little. Then one day he was deep in debt, So he bought a fishing net. He also went and borrowed a boat, But it didn’t really float,
I found myself a new man. Man. God, I hope so.   I say - Oh, you're playing hard to catch? I say - I know who you are. I say - You're mine. Stop. Squirming.
Once Upon a Time…   It all started with that boy Peter, And the chase to catch a duck to eat her Before I could be on my way To eat another duck another day, He caught my tail with a rope
As I gazed up at the starry sky In the corner something caught my eye Certainly not the cutest thing It opened its mouth as if to sing
Once Upon a time, “You really are a funny girl” Is a statement that has followed me my whole life. When I was young my father asked me why I didn’t like to play with the other kids,
Once upon a time, A young girl lived in slime. Well, Not real slime, per se Just a stepmother who treated her like clay  
Once upon a time there was a cat in a house  Who was always portrayed to catch the mice and the mouse.   But what if this cat was portraying an act and fooled everyone around him. 
Once upon a time, but not so long ago, a girl "lost her slipper", but there's  something you dont know.   Cinderella had a problem, so let me set the scene, her awful step family,
The Maiden’s Untold Tale (What Girls Need to Know) By Briana Myall   Please ignore their sugared stories. Listen to our ancient lore. Don’t speak of happy endings. Not knowing what we bled for.  
Here's a little story you know Three pigs run into houses A big wolf huffs and puffs and blows The pigs hide like little mouses   Yet here is what you don't quite know The wolf was a great magician
Once Upon a Time, during Cinderella's senior year. She began to ask herself , "What are you going to do with your life dear."   She decided that she would go to a college or university.
  The surface, as I reach it, quivers and shakes  as the shining sun pours down onto my face.  My sisters before  warned me of the heat,  of the glare; yet I swim to the top, 
  The surface, as I reach it, quivers and shakes  as the shining sun pours down onto my face.  My sisters before  warned me of the heat,  of the glare; yet I swim to the top, 
One time a man known as Rumpelstiltskin, Passed through a town and by a castle so grand, With towers to see over all of the land, And he heard a young maiden crying from within.
she was wearing her favorite dress that day, the one with all the colors. it shimmered and danced in the light as she twirled with glee. fresh flowers framed her lovely face,
What if the shoe doesn't fit  Because that's always a possibility My foot could be sollen from all of today's chores 
The wizard walked the winding way, Smooth stone sliding in his hand. His mischief might have come to pass, Had fate not fearlessly intervened.   The traveler tripped and tossed his stone,
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