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In a world full of plight, It helps to spread kindness to each other. The care we give make them bright, And the good feelings we gift brings us together. It doesn't take more  than a minute
The truth is somewhere, Out there you see, Getting to the bottom of things, Great difficulty.   Relationships, work, scam Money, Proper scally wags out there,
Past: A girl. Afraid. Terrified of her own self, Because it had become the unknown.
Dear anxiety, Odious demons race to my brain, Like a fatal building caught in flames, swarms of people run, fleeing the building in vain.
I will be fine, Maybe not anytime soon, But wait awhile, And I will be back, Shining bright as ever, My demons will be blinded,
The Magic Mirror has a secret. He's desperately in love with his Queen. Ever since he first laid eyes on her cruel features, he's been head over heels.
Intensity, manipulation, jealousy Belittlement, betrayal… Hurt Because I love you I stay Because I love you I forgot my worth
Because of you, I let you ruin me I let you in and destroy my confidence.  I scream, cried, and became someone new I wasn't me and people could see it too. Because of you, I had to start over
Because I love you, I always will. I love you so much, You give me chills. Even when the dawn breaks, and your eyes are still closed, I promise, you're perfect, even when you don't think it shows.
Because I love you I will be your comfort I will be all ears and all heart You can hold my hand while you cry Or hug me tight if you need to Whatever you choose, I’m here   Because I love you
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