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Find a poem, action idea, or poet that inspires you. 9 out of 10 poets prefer finding things in clouds, so we made one. Enjoy!

What inspires you to write poetry? Add it in the comments to inspire other poets!

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Submitted by Xadow on
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ANything that reaches down inside me and won't let go. The things I cannot say outloud but want to, the things I don't know how to say, but need to, and the things I don't want to say, but I have to. Truth inspires me.

Kimberly Shawn Ghent

I write poetry based on the way I feel. It can be serious or to a specific person. I feel like I write poetry the way Taylor Swift writes songs. Which I think is kind of awesome because she inspires me so much. I write to people who have hurt me, or made me feel some type of way, and I write what I feel. Most of it I would never dare to say aloud. Its what I don't know how to say, and the things that I can't express any other way.


Submitted by BornPoet on

I write my poetry to say the things that I cannot say out loud. Things that I know would be pointless to say to someone but I just have to get it out. I transfer my feelings into it and all the emotions Im feeling and just flow. Sometimes I just let my brain say what it needs to say, even if it doesnt make sense


Expression is vital, and the spoken word is not used enough, it seems. Feelings are hidden, emotions are given gender, and being one or the other is always wrong. Writing a poem makes things right in a mind. It frees one's spirit and allows the imagination to take over in order to convey and portray a world as one sees it, and it's beautiful.


Submitted by sirking79 on
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I have found that the best way for me to write a poem is to just sit down and let my emotions take over. There have been times when I finish a poem and have no idea what I wrote because I was in such a dreamlike state just by letting my emotions take over. I then go back to revise and see what I have written. I find that this is how I write my best poems.


Submitted by I_am_Poet on

Hey, that's what I do, too! Cool! I have an "ideas and philosophies" book that I go to when I have an idea, so when I wanna write a poem, I look back at my book! Most of my poem sound like thoughts. I mean, you can literally see my thought process...


Submitted by sirking79 on
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I write poetry because it gives us the freedom in our languages to express a thought that cannot be expressed. That is to say, something may be impossible to put into words, but with a poem we can arrange the words to take on multiple meanings and achieve a deeper descriptive power than is available in normal speech. Much as a tarot card may mean many things, in a poem, a single word can have the power of multiple truths.


Submitted by Nando123 on

What goes on around me, what happends to me, etc. They all play a key role in the reactions of my poetry


Submitted by L.A.G. on

There are things that cannot be expressed in a simple story or essay--things so abstract and unseen, which require some abstract usage of language. For that, I write poetry.


I find using personal experience, no matter how good or bad it was, to write poetry to be very useful in many ways. I use poetry not only as an outlet for myself, but to help others in knowing that some of the things that they have gone through, they are most definitely not alone. I like to be able to help whenever I possibly can with poetry, or other forms of venting. Overall, though, exeriences make amazing poetry because not only are you emotionally connected with, someone else might be as well.


Personal experiences are always clear when you put all of your emotion into it. Shed a few tears... it actually comes out better (:


Submitted by BDA on

i am inspired by every and anything  ..... i write what comes to my mind and do the best i can though my poems arent really that good and my spelling and grammer is horrible i keep at it in hope i listen to my mind and heart then my hand does the rest


Submitted by sanny123 on

I deny my feelings a lot and push it to the back of my mind. I write to pinch myself>.<


Submitted by junebug on

Jesus Christ


Submitted by I_am_Poet on

If I stop liking someone, I'll look at that poem and think, "What a waste of originally constructed words!" Despite this theory, I still want to try it... Yuck, I don't think I can. I keep blushing at his name alone. I give up. No, I'm gonna do it. Get my feelings out of the way. Then again, they would probably go away just as easily if I just verbally confess my feeling to him...nahhh. I'll just write a poem and never look at it again...


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Mo Go Ogle

Submitted by Mo Go Ogle on

Anything that happens to me, whether I can handle it or not, overflows to the paper, bleeding from my pen.  I can't simply name one thing that can trigger the words to suddenly connect unless that one this is life. 


It's Music... and music is beautiful.


Submitted by ahdrievans on

Experience, the beauty and unfairnesses within the balance of life and it's purpose


Submitted by dunique on

I write because its the only way I know I can be understood. Its my voice when I cant speak and my joy when my sorrow is deep. It expresses me and shows the real me, no pretending, just me.


Submitted by KSOrchid39 on

What inspires me to write poetry are my personal experiences and observations about the cruel, outside world. Mostly, my poems tell the stories of my life. Yet I shall expand my horizons to start writing poetry about pressing causes throughout the world such as teen pregnancy, animal abuse, domestic violence, etc. A message blossoming poets: anything you hear, see, or experience can be made into a poem. Practice is the real key to a successfully constructed piece!


Submitted by cam1lla on

I write about the world around me. I write about lifes, people, events, and memories
that others around me don't talk about out loud. I take photography and I also like to write
stories. These two hobbies have trained me to see what isn't spoken, to notice what is, but
isn't there.


Submitted by shonoret on

change the world through simple words


Submitted by korcutt on

Finding lessons in my experiences to teach others to not the same mistakes I did as a young kid

The Darcy Perspective

My hobbies are reading and writing. That's it. But I'm not lazy, and I'm not a social outcast. I just like the idea of opening people's eyes to different ideas, even if they don't necessarily agree. Personal experiences play a huge part in my poems, and pretty much all of them relate to my personal life in some way. So personal, deep, terrifying, beautiful, eye-opening things inspire me. I think all those would make a pretty awesome cloud.


Darkness, the moon, the sun, the sky....


She expreses herself in words others want to say but dont say.


Submitted by PBoyce96 on

I'm inspired by my own emotions thoughts and expiriences. I grew up in a life chaotic enough to chase me into my own little world and from there I find all sorts of things both weird and brilliant.


Submitted by spetrik17 on

It inspires me to write poetry about life. I will just be sitting there thinking my own business. I don't care if I'm happy or sad when I was writing. Don't worry be happy! :)



Submitted by Smajor16 on

I write poetry about whatever is burdening me. 


It inspire me to be able to express my feelings and thought in short phrases. It gives me a chance to see how I really things and what are important to me.


It inspire me to be able to express my feelings and thought in short phrases. It gives me a chance to see how I really things and what are important to me.


It inspire me to be able to express my feelings and thought in short phrases. It gives me a chance to see how I really things and what are important to me.


It inspire me to be able to express my feelings and thought in short phrases. It gives me a chance to see how I really things and what are important to me.


It inspire me to be able to express my feelings and thought in short phrases. It gives me a chance to see how I really things and what are important to me.


Look Up

we walk, staring at our feet in rythmatic movements,

down the roads toward our everyday task.

the mundane has become our harsh reality,

part of growing up they say so we dont even ask.


what happened to the fun, to look up at the midday sky,

feel the heat of the sun on your face, and the wind blow.

what happened to our sense of freedom, to look up in the trees,

watch the birds take off and fly, not too high and not too low.


but we as a people march to the sound of the future,

to jobs that we hate and bosses that we despise.

never noticing the world that surrounds us,

the beauty around us, we just never take the time.


don't lose your life to a world without meaning,

look up at the sun when it shines down on us.

don't let the mundane take hold of your reins,

look up at the night skies, while the light still shines above us.




Submitted by Gusto23 on

I write for a one reason to extend my emotion through words. Its hard to even describe how you feel most of the time when you keep things bottled up inside your whole life. I have trouble explaining my actual feelings because of the stereo-type of the male perspective. Is it wrong to say how you feel even if it makes you weak to others or they don't understand i mean come on thats why we have friends who really know us. But to people who don't know you that well and that don't understand were your coming from you have to speak out before its too late and they run you over with there words. Its not fair if your treated as a door mat everyday you got to stand up for yourself against life. Remember its not how hard you can hit its how hard you can take the hit and keep moving foreword.


Submitted by SarahJane on

I find inspiration from anywhere really...certain parts in a book that catch my interest, songs (even in instrumental music and I use my imagination to make up a scene where that particular music can be used), and finally nature itself. :)


things that we as humans can some together and relate to


Submitted by moe_iamshe on

I write becasue it is the only thing that will inevitably keep me sane in this unpredictable world. When I grab a pen and put it to paper, it is the best feeling in the world. I get to write whatever I want whichever way I want, and having the freedom to manipulate words the way I love to is LIFE.


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