Slam on HIV Awareness

HIV and AIDS are diseases that affect people all across the globe. It is estimated that over 34 million people are HIV positive. And that number is growing. In 2010 alone, nearly 3 million people were diagnosed with the virus.

This illness is not just fatal: it is also socially stigmatizing and damaging. Many who are affected by the disease feel ashamed to reveal that they are infected, for fear that they will be ostracized. We need you to speak out against this discrimination. We need you to educate others. We need your voice.

Use this slam as an opportunity to educate yourself and others, and remind people to get tested and practice safe sex. (Find a testing center near you).

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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
6 months 1 day ago
Huh, roll another one (aha, ha ha)Said I'm never lackin', always pistol packing
6 months 2 weeks ago
Prolific interrogation facing me from nation to nation. You can't tell the differentiation.
7 months 3 days ago
Later on she said she wanna come see where I live You know as an old G, I know a rookie for real
9 months 1 week ago
And she came sitting right beside me Shortie be the slim type moving like she wants' me
9 months 1 week ago