Slam on Climate Change

Global climate change affects everyone, but it doesn't just mean hotter summers. Climate change affects everyone, from polar bears, to fish, to crops... Even our eating habits and air qualities are impacted.

Luckily, there are ways to take action against climate change, and it starts with writing and one of those ways is by writing and slamming a poem.

For more ways to fight climate change, visit:

  1. Planet Green
  2. Tree Hugger
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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
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2 weeks 5 days ago
I kiss the ground I walk upon. To the dark rich loam I am drawn. Hearing its doleful solemn pleas,
1 month 4 days ago
Wings of Cloaken Skybirds Death of a ceiling broken past Remains of regret for niceties
1 month 1 week ago
The Sun is arising, The Earth is being lightening With thy glistening rays. The gentle-bleeze blowing
1 month 2 weeks ago
Kya Ho Gaya yah duniya ka halat sab pareshan hai badal de sab ki aadat 1720 mein ek mahamari naam uska plague
1 month 3 weeks ago