Poems from non.poet123

I'm 13, I have depression, and poetry makes me feel better. Don't judge me, I don't judge you. I hope you like me poems. If not, I'm sorry we have different tastes. I feel like I suck at poetry (hence my username) but it makes me feel good. My favorite color is blue, my favorite food is sushi and tamales, my favorite animal is a white tiger. My favorite sport is soccer. I grew up abused and my dad left me with my mom. My mom always chose her boyfriends and husbands over me. And on top of that, she let her latest husband beat me, and she stood there and watched...I was her first born. I'm currently going through the situation of foster care. I became a foster November 18, 2018. I love my foster parents and they are going to adopt me. For the first time I feel loved. Poetry and art was my way out of the world when my mom screamed at me and abused me. I finally feel safe and loved. Judge me all you want if you don't like me, sucks that you're jealous. (or else you wouldn't be taking the time to be a cyberbully and picking on me if you don't like it) i write alot of haikus, because i suck at every other kind of poetry. XD ;P
Why suicide? Why worry? Why hide? Why be sorry? Why help? Why sob? Why help? Why can't I end it? Why care? Don't lie to me, I know you...
the world is gorgeous but it's also full of pain no one knows what's next
life is an asshole she treats us like a damn bitch i can't find out why
It twinkles outside, Glistening as it falls down. Beautifully cold.
He makes me smile so bright everyday, I don't know how he seems to do it though. Everyday he knows just what to say, He says to me that I...