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I like dancing, speaking, reading, thinking, writing, and punching inanimate objects (the punching rarely happens- I'm pretty passive aggressive). I am fascinated with how the body and the soul collide. The fact that my spirit (and more importantly, the Holy Spirit) makes up for what my physical body so consistently lacks is one of my favorite conversation topics. I am awe-inspired about how my entire universe are only held up on strings of pure grace. I want to explore it further, everywhere; I want to document where it’s profoundly evident. I'm planning to pursue a life of advocacy and change in the lives of people in my community- especially those surrounding abuse and neglect of children- to uncover truth, fight for justice, and bring about healing.
chapter onei feel an 8-track in my throat,64 bits in my esophagusbecause i held hands with a cardboard boy, looked into his eyes and...