Poems from liveoutloud23

Try to live with no regrets Whatever you do, you can't change the past,  So why fret? Do not let regret last Any longer than you would let...
The rain pounds down
 Dancing through the air
 Without a care in the world
 And meeting the ground
 In the harmonious union
I can change like the flip of a dime I am unaffected by the ravages of time I can be unforgiving, unbelievably cruel But I can also be the...
'Self-destruct mode begun'
 The automated voice declares
 'Complete annihilation in 3...2...1...' 
Aw sh**, life’s so unfair 
The last...
Life ebbs and flows like the tide; It comes in and it goes back out. Sometimes you can see the rocks And all the creatures beneath the...