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Hello. My name is Maria Hernandez, I am a 17 year old AP-Honors student currently in high school and trying to search for opportunities that will help me, a minority, achieve my dreams of someday becoming a Translator/ Interpreter for the United Nations or the CIA. Currently, I speak English and Spanish fluently, however, I am taking French classes, and am enrolled in Honors French V at school. I hope to continue to study French in college, that way I can become Fluent. After French, I plan on studying Italian and Portuguese and become fluent. Then after that, Arabic. I have a huge passion for the arts, mostly architecture and paintings, and I hope that someday I can also have the opportunity to pursue that passion, possibly in appraising art while traveling abroad, using my extensive knowledge of World Languages. I have such an open mind and spirit, which helps me appreciate the art and language of World Cultures.
There is a beautiful world I can almost see. It is within reach, but out of my grasp. One more step, and there I go, Falling into the...