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Hi! My name is David Crutchfield and I'm 19 years old. Currently, I attend Virginia Commonwealth University as a freshman and I got to say; so far it's been a handful. Basic words such as, I love cars, could describe me really well, but personally I feel like poetry can do it five times better. That being said, I wrote this poem in order to introduce myself. Based on the poem, you could conclude that I love to write poetry. Actually, I love to write in general, but I really love writing poetry. This one has no title yet. It's just a little something I've been working on to describe myself. Personally, I thought it was the perfect way to give a short bio of me. So, here it is, my poem. I like to shine bright, like the sunset Sunset, the sun set Let me tell you all about me like we just met Just met, like we just met When I’m along, sometimes I like to sing songs Sing songs, sing songs When the music’s on, I like to sing along But for a guy, tell me, is that wrong I try to be myself, yup, no one else I try to be independent still I ask for help As a freshman, college is a handful I’m stressed out, motivated, be successful When you look at me see that I’m different Just my actions, shows I don’t fit in My favorite color’s red, my number’s lucky seven Got many favorite foods, take me to heaven Got few answers, but many questions A young man growing up, learn a lesson Far from perfect, my confessions But I still got love and affection Am I wrong for that, I don’t really know I got another side of me I have yet to show I’m just an amateur, feeling like a pro Like a sunrise watch me as I start to glow Throw my hand up high because I’m feeling good Aiming for a shooting star just the way I should My mama said I shouldn’t let people pull me down Words can really hurt so I try not to hear a sound And you should try it too, I know it really helps She said to aid people think about how you felt So I try to be nice, to everyone Why should we have to fight, I’d rather have fun You know I love to eat, and watch TV By the way, I write and recite poetry I love to travel too; I want to see the world See the world; I want to see it all One day I hope to be on top, and never fall Never fall; never fall One day I hope to be on top, and never fall Never fall, not at all