Poems from _andriekstudios

He always rebelled against nature until he got lost in her and realized how alike they were     — a.k. @_andriekstudios on Instagram 
I want to be your love, your inner peace your safe haven and occasionally  your chaos     —a.k. @_andriekstudios on Instagram 
some see a cup of  colored rum i see a cup of  bad decisions  and good memories      —a.k. @_andriekstudios on Instagram 
Sun rays sparkle the sky  Up from above the clouds, she shines as Meadows glow, colored with chlorophyll. Meat simmers, seasoning the hot...
as the strings and percussions play  they fill the space with chaos  still, next to you, i find my serenity   —a.k. @_andriekstudios on...