Poems from Wired6

What's your face,doing down there, I want 2 smell the scent of us,way up here. But it seems,you have, other ideas. Bountiful ideas....
Spiritualistic Discovery Of M.A.R.S, Long Over-Due. But Be Careful Humans How U Treat Her, Or She'll Destroy U And Your Planet. ©Wired6.02/...
DO...... U.... F....eel.. OK.... ©Wired6.02/12/2021
Suck your Cock! WHY? It looks like it needs a fucking scrub and wash. And I ain't no Scrubber!   ©Wired6. 02/12/2021
What is best for them Is not necessarily best for you.     ©Wired6. 02/12/2021