Poems from Wired6

How Long has it been going on? Its none of your concern, Just be yourselves they say.   ©Wired6.01/12/2021
Fallen Apart, They've Fallen, Part              By                                 Part.       ©Wired6. 30/11/2021
Oh- how indeed, Why do these symbols of paper bleed? ∆∆∆///-...\\\ |||...∆∆∆ What do they actually mean?     ©Wired6.30/11/2021
I am deeply saddened,shocked,and angry 2 hear about the horiffic And evil murder of six year old,baby boy,Arthur Labinjo- Hughes. How could...
No Restraints! No Boundaries! No Taboos! Are Allowed 2 stay in this Hotel. But All Blacks! All Whites! And Defo AllJazz Cats Are Allowed 2...