Poems from TamingOfSeaWolves

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Just your typical geek. If you care to look deeper though...You can see the layers I have created. The worlds I call my own live in my imagination. Creating riddles and poems and lives and characters to become and get lost in. No one knows me, or at least the me behind the blinds. PLEASE COMMENT instagram=tamingofseawolves
No love, we are different. your heart softens, mine rots.
I was always a wolf. Before you loved me, And after you left. Just because i was tame, doesn't mean i forgot my fangs. 
My feet are accustomed to silence. My soul longs for the same.
I wish upon a falling star, hoping that I'll fall too. but as it fades from the sky,  I see that it's like you. "take me with you" i will...
my brain is just a place, where I store all my grenades. Most of them have names, like Anger, Hurt, and Pain.