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Im 18 years old. I used to live in Ohio, but now I live in Australia :D Yes, I am a ginger, and yes we are awesome! I have two dogs, Chaos and Chloe. I am a pescetarian, a vegetarian who eats fish. I love writing and drawing. I also play golf, and basketball. I am training to run a half marathon :) I had problems with weight and self image for a long time. I used to weigh 160 pounds, but now I weigh 130 pounds! It took me almost two years and I am really happy about the way I look, though I am still trying to become more and more healthy. I been through a lot of shit with my life, and I’m still working on it. But each day I am getting better :D
I wake up every morning full of hope, only to go to sleep that night hopeless and wishing I won’t wake  up the next day; the endless cycle...
I am a weed and you are a rose But sometimes a  weed can have a blossom and a rose can have thorns
  When I was a 14 
I went on a school trip
 We ate dinner at a 
 Buffett, when I
 Feeling full still
 Walked up with my 
Friend who didn’t...