Poems from LydiaLou

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I am on fire for Jesus, & I live to make Him known. I write because words are my lifeblood. I need transfusions daily. I thrive on the words within & the words without. I am an old soul, trying to make it into the world of official adults. I endured Lyme disease, & am now on the other side of it. I am passionate about the pain & the stories of others. I love children & mamas.
The music storms within me Strains I can't express I am a chained melody These chords left unpressed   My soul aches with feeble hands...
I watch You ignore I wait You move on I hear You just talk I cry You still stand I love Please deserve it.
There lives a girl inside my mind Her face fragile, yet worn She cried tears for a thousand years And cannot cry one more   She sits stone...