Poems from LorlueYang

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Like my dad always says, “ No one sees how nice you are, but believe that God is always looking.” I always wondered why my dad taught people,even though no one hired him to do it. He’d always say, “I’m happy to do it, and I love to help our people have better life.”He became a teacher, and shortly after married my mother and got to teach in Lao. After the Vietnam War happened, Hmong people couldn’t live in Lao, so families moved to different places all over the world, but my family moved to Thailand.In Thailand, life was not easy as you can think. Day after day,my dad heard that the Thai people had just built a school for hmong people, so my father went to apply there, but they eat one’s heart out,so he made our house into a little school,free to the public.This caused my father to buy some tables and a lot of chairs. Every morning we needed to get everything ready for people to come in,every night we replaced the chairs and tables with our beds.Why was my father’s heart is in the right place?On the other hand,my mother is woman of seven kids.She had to work so hard on the Hmong knitting and send to my grandma in U.S.A to sell the knitting.Our grandma would send the money back as soon as she sold all the items.Waiting for the feedback is very difficult because we don’t know what happened to it. my mom would do another job, and she do was take care of the store.My two biger sisters had to baby-sit my siblings and me. I was the fourth child. Everyone in family had a job they had to get done. When I was young, I used to see people pass away, so I decided I wanted to do something about the shortage of medical attention because in Thailand we live in the mountain side and the hospital was far away from our home.I was so worried that one day more of the people I knew would pass away, and then the tears of me and my people in our village would never stop.My father tried his best to bring my family to the U.S. so someone in my family could become a doctor. I promised to myself that one day I would become a doctor to help people in sickness to become healthy. Nine years have pass by so fast just like a strong wind blow to me as one time then it have leave since I came to the U.S.A. Everytime I close my eyes the image in my memory remind me about all the hard work my grandparents and my parents have done.This image always tell me that my family came to U.S.A for knowledge,freedom, and cooperative.Why do this image never leave?It this keep coming until I reach my goal,I knew this goal so far away from me;I was just like little bird don’t where to fly,but I won’t give up no matter what is take me to got my goal.I’ll do it.Other side, I fearfulness of myself,other,anything stop me from this goal.I fear of myself because I not smart to go that far,nervousness other going to say, “a person like me will never be a doctor,will never to college,and will never have better life.” No one going to stop me from this goal because I want the image in my mind to change and I will be the one to tell that image that, “I did it and changed it.”
Wildcat, Wildcat burning darkness In the Sunnyside of the lightness We are kind and humman 
A tree will grow It wither and help people to live More people can born
Waters is our need Airs is our live  Lands is our life
I was born to love And I have to find my lover But I don't give up
At first, we are friends A guy likes me fell in love easy I ask she out but got reject  Because the outside me  This is not a fairly tale...