Poems from Loc Nguyen

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Loc Nguyen is an independent scholar from 2017. He holds Master degree in Computer Science from University of Science, Vietnam in 2005. He holds PhD degree in Computer Science and Education at Ho Chi Minh University of Science in 2009. His PhD dissertation was certificated by World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) and awarded by Standard Scientific Research and Essays as excellent PhD dissertation in 2014. He holds Postdoctoral degree in Computer Science, certified by Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC) in 2015. Now he is interested in poetry, computer science, statistics, mathematics, education, and medicine. He serves as reviewer and editor in a wide range of international journals and conferences from 2014. He is volunteer of Statistics Without Borders from 2015. He was granted as Mathematician by London Mathematical Society for Postdoctoral research in Mathematics from 2016. He is awarded as Professor by Scientific Advances and Science Publishing Group from 2016. He was awarded Doctorate of Statistical Medicine by Ho Chi Minh City Society for Reproductive Medicine (HOSREM) from 2016. He has published 73 papers and preprints in journals, books and conference proceedings. He is author of 2 scientific books and 1 postdoctoral dissertation. He is author and creator of 7 scientific and technological products. Moreover, he is Vietnamese-language poet who has composed 1 verse story and 7 collections of 362 poems from 1993. He also has 5 recitation albums in which many poems are chanted by famous artists. Especially, he is very attractive, enthusiastic, and creative. His favorite statement is "Creative man is The Creator". Thus, why don't you contact him for sharing inspiration and knowledge? His online homepage is http://www.locnguyen.net
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