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Well my name is Jimena with a J and I'm 16, I go to Valle Verde Early College High School, an omnist and am fascinated by poetry. Now I don't want to be a poet but I've found over the years that this is the most extraordinary way to express myself and therefor the creation of my poems. I had a rough past and right now I'm on the road towards recovery. Besides being depressed all the time I love to read, swim, exercise, hang with my friends, party(not really) and of course write poetry. I hope you like my poems they come from the bottom of my heart. So thank you for at least reading this far may God shine light upon your soul and guide you towards happiness( and I'm also religious) p.s. Just a little ;)
Abandoned once again Find strength, confidence, when? Smile when you're sad Cry when you're happy Nothing makes sense thoughts overlapping...