Poems from Dpadilla

Dynahlee S. Padilla is a rising freshman at SUNY New Paltz who plans to study Journalism. She would love to make a living out of writing because she believes that writing is often overlooked as a career choice, and ultimately, she would like to change that. Writing has always been an outlet for her, especially when given the opportunity to share her pieces with an audience who could identify. She was an editor for a literary and arts magazine called: Beacon Ink at The Beacon School, in New York, NY during her junior and senior years of high school. Many of her poems were also published in Beacon Ink's yearly editions from 2013-2015. She was also accredited for various poems in Rena's Promise Anthology for 2014, when she attended a 6-day camp in Shelter Island, Long Island during the summer before her senior year. Both writing communities have shaped and improved her style of writing and voice. All in all, she aspires to inspire others, just the way people, experiences, books, songs, movies, and the world itself has inspired her to continue writing prose and poetry.
Wipe off the carefully proportioned eyeliner from the crevices of your cherished eyes                       Clear the golden sparkle of...