Poems from Dark Angel Lilly Emery

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To all my readers you may see that their are grammar errors in my old writings, but these writing are from the80's, 90's ,2000's. I truly didn't think anyone was readying my work . so I just started writing out what I felt and made my pains a story and poems . I had re post these poems and stories all over the internet and I keep them also in file so no one can ever say my work is theirs . I have kept my work as they are just for others to see where it was I started my writing at . The pains are so real not even a game ,The life I had lived I would never wish upon no one . I like to say to all who are taking the steps for change in their life congratulations to the new open doors God bless you . You may have seen my photos on the internet and my writings on Poetry.com and poem hunter etc. you may have seen the hate that others have given to me about my work and my beauty of who I am . But as you can see I will never let the haters Stop me from doing what I love . So I say the same to all of you write your own words and let your heart speak to all your readers . I hope you can understand why I haven't made changes in my work at less not the old ones . My old work are left as they are for me to always remember where it all came from . God bless to all who reads . Lilly Emery / Judy Emery
The banks and braes and streams all around  The castle of Dark Angel  Green by woods and fair flowers  There are great depression  that...