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Hello, my name is Brian Johnson from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, & i am the Founder/Lead Investigator of: 'The Extreme Minnesota Paranormal Investigators--TEMPI--'....I am a paranormal investigator/ghost hunter and have been professionally hunting ghosts and the paranormal for about 22 years, which was way long before any of those types of ghost or paranormal shows were even on television...I have investigated hotels such as 'The Stanley Hotel' in Estes Park, CO....and also 'The Bullock Hotel' in Deadwood, SD., along with many private homes, restaurants, bars and alot of other paranormal hot spots which there are way to many for me to type....LoL....Thank-You. 'Spell-Ya Later', ~Brian Johnson~
The shadows of horsemen on leather steeds draw near; With the sounds of gallops in the heavy thick fog; These faceless reins have come to...