Hi, my names Anthony, Human

Im pretty misunderstood

I mean I don't even know what I want to be called




I don't know

But I do know that I'm Misunderstood

I'm kind of like a Black Bear

They get a bad wrap 

They're portrayed as this menacing creature of the wild 

But in reality they're just minding their own business

They don't look for trouble those crazy Grizzly Bears

And they are definitely more scared of humans than humans are scared of them

But they will tend to fuck some shit up if they have to 

As for me, I'm actually really nice but I get a bad wrap

And I definitely don't like confrontation

But I tend to fuck some shit up if I have to

So I guess I am understood

You can watch a couple shows on Animal Planet and learn a lot about me 

Bye, My name's Zigby, Black Bear.

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