Zeus' Polar Twins

Like the father,

the son stands strong and tall.

Responsible for the world,

their similar broad shoulders hold it all.

Oh, the popular Apollo,

our school's biggest star.

While he leads the team to victory,

the anxiety in his eyes isn't far.

To feel a warm welcome from his father,

to see the pride in his eyes,

his greatest desire kills him softly

Oh, how time flies.


Unlike the father,

the daughter keeps her head down.

Although hidden by shadows,

she feels no need for a crown.

Oh, the unseen Artemis,

our school's invisible knight.

No fair-weather friends or foes,

she finds herself in the moonlight.

To feel a sense of love from her father,

to stop hearing the building up of his lies,

she empathizes the affliction of her brother.

Oh, how time flies.


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