Zeus on the loose

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 11:49 -- MarioL

Zeus went here, there and around

He went anywhere to reverse his frown

The year is 2019 and so downward he lept

To find where all the happiness was kept

No fret no fuss no bully or bust

He even tried a sandwich without the crust

With what he thought was normal he walked around humbly

Nikes, leather and rings for all to see

With a skip in his step and thunder in his eyes

He left the establishment of 5 guys

In the corner of his eyes he noticed some colors

They shown like lightning but with a lack of thunder

On the sign it said: “karaoke at nine”

He wondered what that meant cause he couldn’t tell time

He followed the signs all down the lane

Nodding and winking at all the dames

He stopped for a moment and asked one a question

He said: my dear, are you my next obsession?

With horror in her eyes, she said no thank you

Still in pursuit he tried something new

He shot a bolt of lightning at her odd little machine

Because he sensed it had electricity

In his defense he tried to charge it

But from this world it then departed

With a cloud of smoke in the past

He fumbled onwards through the grass

He reached then his destination

He had gone this far who cares for aberration

 entering the place with a smirk on his face

He saw the lowly humans singing way out of pace

He went through the songs and then chose his favorite

He practiced and practiced, wanting to savor it

Before he knew it, his turn was up next

he decided on which spot it was best to flex

he opened his mouth and sang harmoniously

the song was about a boy and girl with great promiscuity

as he finished, he went down with a bow

expecting roses and treats or even a whole cow

he thanked his inspiration, Mr. Timbaland

he surveyed the crowd, but it was quiet like the Wimbledon

his eyes met a beauty

he left the stage and offered her something fruity

as she leaned in to thank him with a kiss

he was jolted awake and away went his bliss

as he rose, he couldn’t contain his anger

he tore his clothes off of their hangers

he ran down the stars as he held the banister

and scurried off to his job as a fast food manager


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