Zeus and his Court

Tue, 10/15/2019 - 13:37 -- maberle



Lights flickered as he entered the room

In a sort of brooding mood

It seemed the luminance followed his que 

His sketchbook filled with certain hues


Attractive and fair

All the girls he ensnared

Top of his class

Head of the mass


Groups formed beneath him

Even those on the utmost rim

Always parted for this so called god

Everything recorded by Medusa's tripod


He was wrath and punishment itself

His esteem held on the highest shelf


All in blue his brother beside him

Mind on the beach 

Hair outreached

Dreaming of the sand

However stuck on land


And to his right 

Stood an awfull fright

His brother's face like death 

Pale like someone written in Macbeth

Jeans tattered and frayed

He was all to mislaid


 But amidst all the glory and fame

Was one beautiful dame

Set to be his

Hera, queen of show biz


And so these high school sweethearts came to be

(Medusa finally got to shine

And Hades was at last considered royal bloodline

Poseidon got his beach 

and Zeus stayed out of reach)

happily ever after we hope to foresee



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