The Zenith of Love


United States
37° 16' 37.2108" N, 121° 57' 10.7964" W

And let know: “I am–
Not the disciple, not the guru,
Neither the word, nor the message,
Neither the greeting, nor the farewell.

I am
neither black nor white,
and neither what you deem,
nor what they said and you believed;
Neither what it seems, nor what they wrote-
and made you read.

I am–
not the Heavens,
And not this Earth,
Nor enchained to a faith–
and in command of a sage.

I am not the mirage,
And not the glass of wine- for your lonely nights,
Not a captive, not enslaved, never disgraced!
And not send by the enlightened,
Nor will I ever sit in the temples,
or in the mosques–
or the cathedrals.

And I am not meant for a paradise,
and neither made for a hell.
Such has never been–
my fate.


These Words,
I do not say them now!
From the beginning of Time,
I wrote them with the Plume of Light.

Truth has no scent,
neither it has a hue.
It is not made of their ado–
or of their solemn seal of True.

Now that you are called upon here,
I confide in You, this heavenly covert:

Whatever they said–
and whatever they wrote,
is You, yourself!

You are the vessel of life,
And the soul of this world!

You are– The Zenith of Love, Yourself,
the Hidden Treasures, Yourself,
the Veiled Secrets, Yourself!”

Not only here, but everywhere!
Not just in this hour, but forever!
With each and everyone,
All in You, You in All.

You are the silence– and you are the voice,
retuning to yourself from the crusade of Whys–
and the trial of the Hows.


To You,
I swear it now:
“Having seen it all,
and having heard it all–
yet awake and unafraid,
You are, The Noble, hailed–
by the Heavens and by the Earth!

No more just a shell, no more only a part,
You are now The Heart!”


Soar up and high!
Fly away from the forsaken!
Leave behind the spoiled!
Soar up to the horizon–
of your own light!

And there,
you will be crowned–
with the gilded garland–
of a love that's to withstand.

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