#YOWO Sisterhood















You welcomed me with open arms

Never knowing me before

You listen to my pointless problems

Something I truly owe a thank you for.


What fun things we do together

Always sporting our pink and green

And when needed, you offer me help

Treating me like a queen.


We have such passion for our charity

And all care with such a big heart,

We would do anything for each other

And I knew that from the very start.


What amazing friendships I have already made

I cannot imagine life without you all,

I become sad each time I must leave you

But I know you’re there with just a call.


I feel so blessed for one hundred plus new friends

Never a dull moment with us around,

All such beautiful and talented women

The best I have ever met hands down.


Joining a sorority was the best decision I could have made

I’ve loved each and every moment in it to this day,

Sisterhoods for life, this is know is true

Oh Delta Zeta, I do love you.


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