#YOWO: Brandon

A broken heart, a sighful tear

Love from a prince, to mend this tear

Same but different, a battered soul

Indubitable faith, he gentle with sole


My knight, paramour, protector:

I long to see you, the second is slow,

Warming smile and sinful touch,

Mingled souls turned to stone.


A simple feeling; one true, and rare,

With a powerful bond of two flames.

His loving spirit for the defeated,

And warm soul to kinder my heart


Soft kisses that melt the sorrow;

A musical heartbeat and peaceful sough.

His eyes are powerful; quixotic and piercing

Amidst the courage in his embrace,

And solace of his warmth


Within his syllables, speaks love

Patience for a woeful silence

To cry lightly, he counts the tears

Sleepless nights to calm the wrath


His love has shown me all i need

My abated soul, and doting eyes

From he cures so many woes,

To love forever says my soul

I love you Brandon.


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