You've Changed Your Mind

For Renae

You weren’t always this bitter toward me.
Things were going so well between us,
But everything is different now.
Where is the sweet girl that I met two years ago?
You were so excited to have me in your life.
I was more than twice your age,
But you weren’t even concerned about that.
In fact, you were very happy with me.

You treasured my photograph so dearly.
You looked at it at nights and in the mornings,
And you took it with you to school.
You even told your mom that I loved you,
And that you loved me too.
You couldn’t go to bed without calling or texting me,
No matter how late it got.
You loved to hear my voice on the phone.
Sometimes you asked me to say your name again,
And I was happy to say it.

The secret I kept from you has ruined our dreams.
Since you found out that I’m married,
You’ve changed your mind.
I know I should have told you,
Although you never asked if I had a wife.
I was going to tell you.
You said you forgive me,
But you won’t forget what I’ve done to you.
Darling, what does that mean?

You hardly speak to me anymore.
Now you say you’re not interested in me,
You were never in love with me,
But we both know you lied.
I know I don’t deserve your love, Renae;
Nevertheless, you’re still the one I’m thinking of.
The one that I truly love is you.


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