Tue, 10/11/2016 - 16:16 -- K_W2k17

When days are dark and dreary

And others make me feel weary

I find myself filled with dread

As I collapse upon my bed.

I grab the laptop with glee

And my troubles begin to flee

As I type the URL

I know the story I will tell

And on my screen appears

The thing that dispels my fears

For on that screen, so bright and clear

I can find the two people who make me cheer

The two who bring joy to my dampened mood,

The two that could never, in my view, be crude.

Dan and Phil, whose videos ensnare

The most secluded and broken anywhere,

Were the only two who could brighten my day

By making me laugh and keeping my darkness at bay.

Their jokes and stories alone were enough

To break my sadness, no matter how tough.

Yet together they beamed and made me laugh

Bringing me more joy than an autograph.

These two strangers that I watch through a screen

Are enough to change my chaotic mood to serene.

So with this, I tell you what makes me smile

Dan and Phil, to me, make the rough days worthwhile.

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