Youth Eyes Fade Away

I am questioning if the world I knew before was the same I see now. 
The world full of disappointment and fake happiness. 
The unhappy endings and the lying ways of our human race. 
Oh, how do the youth eyes fade so fast?
One day you see the loving eyes of big, lumpy talking animals,
But latter you see the ways they talk to them as if they were stupid. 
You can remember the glass full of a chocolate milkshake, 
and be over the moon happy that it is all yours. 
Now, all you see is a heart attack in a bottle that might never happen.
Young people never think of what might happen. 
They only think of what’s happening now.
Is that a problem with growing up? 
Becoming an adult is supposed to happen, right? 
Why does the world have to become not magical? 
Can’t the world stay a happy place,
A place we want it to be? 
Oh young eyes, why do you have to leave? 
You make life so nice, so right, so real,
So- Right! 
I guess all good things have to end.
I just hoped that they could stay a little longer.
By Liane H. (aka 


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