There is something so beautiful about youthThere is something so beautiful about that captured recklessness.Something about those hidden smirks and intensified sensations.Youth is revered, that is why so many strive to conserve it;Our soft, smooth and silky skin. We are beautiful, at our prime age of beauty and growthWe are new and refreshing, pleasing to the eyeWe are like a new flower, blooming with life. Short days and long nightsOur bodies come alive at duskOur bodies are powerful, they are instruments. They love youthWhy do they pay hundreds of thousands of dollarsTo stay and look young? Youth It’s what sent countless men on a search for a fountain of itIt’s what caused men to fight and die for Helen of TroyIt’s what caused alchemists to mix dozens of elixirsAll to keep the beautiful immortality of youthYouth I cannot live without 

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