The Youth

On an eve so bright a soul was cast,
Thrust into the world, a brazened soul with the cleanest of slates,
But all would find this child would thrive with love and memories of plenty.
The early morning sunshine became part of this child,
And the moist dew on the grass and the smell of the lilac trees,
And the shadows that the sun cast and their wilting away at noon,
And the calls of the wilderness as branches screeched and crackled,
And the sloshing waves of the lake and all the creatures contained in it – all became part of her.
The old man’s hand outstretched and warm, guided this child’s heart to a love unknown, The mother; loving and understanding, courageous and strong, a life-long teacher with a wise soul and strong spirit,
The father; an illustrated man with a sort of Jesus appeal, a life-long teacher with a brave heart and nurturing love,
The sister; with a youthful heart and spirit, loving and strong, a life-long partner for all the world’s adventures,
The old woman; in a world all her own and a person all her own, a victim of a mind left wandering, The immense family with a strong love, the many aunts and uncles the elders and the young ones, the ones who tied them all together, and the unconditional love - all became part of this child.
And the loss,
The loss of the one who lived a strong life, the care-free, ill-fated, wondrous life,
The love and the pain, the acceptance and the treasured things, And with the loss of life came the inevitable forward movement of all other lives.
The mound of treasures in the woods,
And the treacherous adventure there,
The lessons learned and lands explored,
And life’s too short to love less and hate more,
And climbing mountains literal and non, and facing descents and having to fall,
Truly living, learning, and loving all became part of this child.
The adventure and the glow of nightfall all shaped this child,
The sundown begins the night but does not end the day,
The misty glow of the river beds late at night,
The nightfall escapades on callused bare feet,
The glow of the giant iron lamps lining the blacktop when we at once returned,
The deep dark starry skies and the kisses goodnight – all became part of this child.
The memories bestowed upon this child built this child and became this child.

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