Dear Kayla, I hope you figure out yourselfFinish and accomplish things so you don’t have to rely on anyone elseDon’t be insecure, holding your breath, sucking in your stomach to appear slimmerWorking out, till you pass out, because you’re wearing a waist trimmerYour dad passed away before you could speakAnd you still wonder how different it could beTo have your biological dad living with youCan only hope he’d be proud of youTrying and practicing the things your supposed toYet your College applications are long over-dueDisappointing family members left and rightUp at late hours crying for most of the night“Why can’t I do anything right?”Can’t focus on anything for more than a minute,Is that why all your relationships ended?You only speak your mind when no one is listeningTalking aloud, you can’t stop fidgetingYour confidence, everyday, is slowly dwindlingFeeding off personalities you might have a disorderYou can’t distinguish who you are as you get olderClothes cover less and less of your shouldersComments from guys keep getting bolderStaying out more, your grades lower“I’ll finish the assignment when the Bachelor is over.”You’re smart despite the numbers and letters inked over a report card,You’re beautiful despite pimples that left your cheek scarred,You see the greatest things everyone else, please stop and see them in yourself.  

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