You're You and I'm Me

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 15:45 -- Darbi

You're you

and I’m me

There’s no one else I’d want you to be

Why can’t you say the same of me


I came flying out

You came crashing down

You broke me you left me

then asked why I never settled down


I asked for love

You gave me hate

I asked for acceptance

You dished out disgust


You broke me you left me

And I couldn’t recover

you gave up on me

And I gave up on you


Because you're you

and I’m me

perhaps we just can’t be

Perhaps we are not compatible

you and me

for I am broken

and you corrupted

You agreed with the world

and abandoned me


For you are heads

and I am tails

You called me fag

You spat in my face

then wondered why I didn’t change


Don’t you see

I don’t I have a choice

This is me

And I have a voice

Others will hear

What you did to me

I will open their eyes

And they will fix me


Because You broke me, you left me

then wondered why

I decided to cut you out

And make haste for a new life

For here I am accepted for who I am

You were wrong

and I was right


So maybe I do wish you were someone else

maybe I wish you could have seen me for who I am

I thought you loved me

I guess I was wrong

But I think I still love you

Even after all you have done


You showed me the world

You taught me I didn’t belong

Now I am in a better place

It’s peaceful

It’s quiet

And I am free to be who I want to be


I am free to express myself

whether I be gay or straight

bi or ace


because in the end it doesn’t matter

We are all human

We all deserve a chance

We were all created equal

And with equality we stand a chance


So love thy neighbor

and love thy self

form your own opinions

but don’t harm someone else


Make your presence known

But don’t call yourself ‘better’

Live life happy

and allow the same for the rest of humanity

for we are all special and unique

in the eyes of those who really matter


But If you live life to please others

You will never find pleasure

So make a change

live life for yourself

and go make yourself happy


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