"You're Still Dear"


United States
33° 51' 4.1832" N, 98° 32' 40.6896" W

Wide brown eyes meet green, both pairs filled with tears.
Faintly beats my heart, broken, full of pain.
I try, but cannot see your hidden fears.
You grasp my hand, I listen to the rain.
What am I supposed to do without you?
Your comforting words on the worst of days?
Your smiling gazes, sweet as morning dew?
Your heart that oft broke through my weary haze?
A quick glance shows the anguish on your face,
So for you I smile and hide my sorrow
And wipe away each tear, leave not a trace
Of the hurt that I will deal with tomorrow.
Such cutting pain I shall not let you near,
For even now to my heart you're still dear.


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