You're a Picky One

We have a light in our hearts

Those dreams that have made us stars

But you've been staying out having fun


Time and time again

You said those games would end

You're a picky one


I've road the waves of all the oceans

Pick the leaves off all the trees

Paid my dues trying to get to you

Yet I remain drained from commotion


Many nights without slumber

Battered mind when situations unkind

Ran a new life 

Trying to get us right 

You're not the only whose done suffered


Tried to call you when the sun was down

Hold your hand to help you understand

Make the pessimistic nonexistent

Walk around and model your crown


But in the end you are closed

Rattle my bones you made me leave you alone

Only wanted your heart

But you tore it apart 

Still my love for you only grows


Walking by keeping your self love

While I drift away in that dangerous place

I need your care 

but you're out there

Old ways your starting to pick back up


I could've eased that heartache with a backrub

But you've been acting 

Like it's nothing to be reacting

Putting your time in your attractions

But our love has been put on the back stand


Put more time than God should ever allow

I'm disgusted 

No longer can you be trusted

A pain I can't handle 

We melt like candles

Only time we have left is now


All your time on the stage

Out late with these dates

We've been hindered

Last I time I remember 

I was calling out your name

Crying for you 

but you continued to walk away


We have a light in our hearts 

Those dreams that made us stars

but you've been staying out having fun


Time and time again

You said those games would end

Yes you are a picky one


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