youre not my dad

 dear JDM

  i dont know what makes you think what you did was okay 

cause in reality it wasnt even close to okay 

you left your pregnant wife  to raise a child alone 

i hope one day you read this

i hope when you do  you know who i am    

i hope that when i make something of myself you realize what you missed out on

i hope you  have been a better father to your younger children 

  thank you  for never being a proper husband for my mom 

thank you for never wanting to be a father 

thank you for abandoning me before i was even born 

thank you   for not giving me your last name 

thank you for   never showing up when you were supposed to 

thank you for not taking an interest in me when it mattered 

thanks for not being there for all the little milestones

thank you  for    missing out on my childhood   

you may think im being sarcastic  but im  being quite sincere  

if you hadnt been the way you were   then my whole life would be different

  once upon a time ago  it hurt me   to think that you didnt want me 

but now i know that i dont need you and that youre not my dad

all you are to me is a sperm donor    and thats all you'll ever be

 my stepfather has been there for me no matter what since i was little

 he is and always will be dad to me   no matter  how much we argue

  he was there for all the stuff you never were around for 

he helped make me the girl i am today  

he  was there through all the meltdowns and late night fits   

he may not share DNA with me but he shares love and thats better

he drove me to and from all my appointments and  competitions 

he  made sure i had food   in my stomach and a roof over my head  

he was there to see  me grow up but where were you 

im almost an adult  now   and i still dont know who you are

youre not my dad  nor will you ever be   more than just the man who screwed my mom 

im gonna graduate next year   and youre not gonna be there   

i turned seventeen last month  and   you didnt even wish me a happy birthday 

i bet you didnt know that im dual-enrolled  and playing sports  

when i was in fourth grade our apartment caught fire did you even care 

im embarrassed  to even be related  to you    

of course how would you  know you dont even try to reach me 

 i  dont wanna ever see or hear from you  frankly  i hope you fall off the earth     


 the "daughter" you never bothered to  be there for  

p.s.  i dont give a fuck what DNA says  because family isnt  just about blood relations 


This poem is about: 
My family


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