you're not alone

you're not alone my brother

you are one of 23 children where your dad is more concern about the other 22 stripping your humanity away

your legacy at the age of 18 has been aired like dirty laundry where your father's hands were wash clean without touching you.

he perceives you as this Guy, not meaning your nickname, but a street person

his exact words were "i''m sending this Guy back to Haiti"

in case, you're wondering, the student's name is Guyson spell G,U,Y,S,O,N so put 2 and 2 together

while your father gave up hope on you, I on the other hand render my agape love that comes from God who loves everyone

in peter I chapter 1

it clearly states that whom having not seen you love

though now you do not see him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory

receiving the end of your faith

the salvation of your souls

while the flesh of your father continues to inject himself with disgust

The Lord is using me as one of his shepherds to rally you as the sheep to navigate to The Door that will welcome you with open arms

don't be afraid

with The Lord, He will never fail you

the words i say my brother are the same words God wants me to say to you 

so that you feel like a person whose heart is beating, a mind of your own, and feelings unafraid to express your emotions

what you lost out on your immediate family

you have extended family is here to inspire you with edification that uplifts your morality

where you become an asset of triumph, and not a contribution to failure where the enemy infiltrates hatred to your vulnerability that weakens your mentality.

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