You're My Beautiful Rose

Darling, you’re my beautiful rose.
I’m so proud to walk around with you.
You’re the most gorgeous flower of nature.
God created you especially for me.

You enamour me with your charm.
I find good fortune in your touch.
Your beauty decorates my dwelling house.
And your love is a treasure to my heart.

Let me sing a Latin love song for you.
I’ll mesmerise you with my euphonious voice.
Your amiability brings me happiness.
The woman in you excites the man in me.

I get so emotional when I talk about you.
Thank you for accepting me in your life.
Now I can show everyone my beautiful rose.
You’re my beloved; I’ll love you until death.

Darling, I can’t evaluate your love,
For it’s worth more than all the jewels.
They say diamonds are forever,
But your love is more durable than diamonds.

Come to the balcony immediately.
Bring me your irresistible love once more.
Stay here in my arms and thrill me.
Please don’t defy your heart’s command.

The moon is showing us its glory.
I see the starlight reflecting from your eyes.
Sleep well tonight my little miss.
In the morning, I’ll wake you with a tender kiss.

I want to spend limitless time with you,
Not just a few erotic moments.
Darling, promise me your faithfulness.
Say you’ll always be my beautiful rose.


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