You're the most precious peace

You're the most precious peace

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 6, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

God spent special time and care on you molding you from the pursuit of molds they're ever was he molded you as one of his most precious angels in heaven above..

Just so perfect full of love and light and life for me all the time. When i am down your always the one who knows just how to bring me back up and you always catch me just before I hit the ground..

I have never know o love so pure unconditional positive piercing lightning bolt striking as yours.

I've never known such angelic beauty as yours... He shore knew what he was doing when he mad you so utterly perfect for me every you...

I'm feeling deeper and deeper in love with you baby each and every day.
You touch my heart and soul like no one else but God can do. He broke the mold after he made me you.

Your my everything I'm so proud of you in every way shape and forme. Your so amazing baby I'm very proud to call you mine.
You overwhelm my heart with the purest of love the love sent directly from God above.
Every time I think of you my hole body gets all fuzzy and warm loving feeling you always bring to me like lightning bolt striking a tree.

God made you prefect just for me!
I love you baby

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