You're Gone


You gone! Your gone!

Death has many forms.

From the normal death, full of despair.

To the other side equal despair.

A heart with a hole, in need of repair caused by the end of what was considered a great assumed never-ending thing.

So death in one of its truest forms puts the heart through the hardest storms.


Your gone! Your gone!

As the days go on the storm gets worse.

My heart has taken one strike of lightening and BOOM!

Nothing will be the same.

We use to be able to talk about anything and everything.

Your presence changed my mood always.

You completed me.


Your gone! Your gone!

Walking through the park where we use to laugh, talk, or just spent time together.

It's like i can still feel you next to me.

Walking side by side.

I can still feel your hand in mine, your hugs so tight.

I miss you.

I want you to come back here, with me.


Your gone! Your gone!

I miss your sweet kiss against my lips.

We can never be again.

But one day I hope to be reunited.

I want to see your face shinning in the bright sun.

Your hand warped around my shoulder making me feel loved... safe.


Your gone! Your gone!

But even though that you are gone my feelings remain.

In no way will I ever stop loving you.

Just promise me this you will never forget me or the love we shared.

Just never forget... me.



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