You're A Fake!

Mon, 08/16/2021 - 17:22 -- Wired6

Women! What I am about 2 say, Will ring true,for the majority of you. You Faked An. Orgasm- Right? Why? The answers may reveal,multi-faceted replies. For me,personally, When a much younger woman,I was, I really didn't, Accept me-and cared way 2 much about pleasing a guy, (Who rarely pleased me). But,how could any of them,please me, When I didn't communicate, My sexual needs? (Maybe I didn't know what turned me on?) Well, As I was later 2 learn, A man is not telepathic, A belief some guys and gals, Hold on2. Why? As I said, There are lots of reasons women fake Orgasms. Some guys, Maybe a few, Are sexually fragile, Constantly asking if you're, Cuming, And if you are feeling alright! Pounding your pussy, Until you cum--- Hours,usually pass-by, And your pussy, Is totally, Dry.... Why? It's very difficult,for some women, To tell a man, You're not, Sexually, Satisfied. So,it's,easier,2,lie----- And, A fake,fake,fake,lie. But who's responsible for your pleasure? You, Or the guy? A woman, May feel, More desired,by her partner?------ Again, A, Fake,fake,lie. So ladies, Do yourself a favour. Don't fake an Orgasm-- Well,try not 2, If you can. You can make much better choices, As a 21st Century woman. Sex isn't A performance. It's a joy. So, Enjoy.x ©15/08/2021. Wired6.


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