You're Always in my Heart

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 22:53 -- mjohal

Everytime I come here

I think of you.

I never forget you,

With a picture of you hanging on my wall,

You're always in my heart. 

But when I come here,

To this special place,

Where you taught me how to swing,

And watched me play for hours endlessly,

You are all I can think of. 

All I can think of are the good memories

Of you and me together,

Because there were never any bad ones.

I wish you were still here,

I wish you never left.

Is God punishing me?

I wasn't ready for you to leave,

I have so much to tell you,

and you would have been so proud of me.

It's been three years, and it still hurts. 

I wish you could come back to me,

so I can say all the things I never got to say to you.

I took granted of the time I had with you,

and now I'll never get it back.

I miss you so much everyday,

and I'll never forget you,

knowing that you are always watching over me.

I Love You Nana. 


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