Your Wife

Fri, 04/02/2021 - 22:37 -- em05667

Your Wife


You were on edge.

So on edge,

You had the reaction to harm those

Who caught you off guard.


Then came a smile.

One that seemed more genuine

Than the lies you made

From the walls you wore.


At first, you felt alone.

On a bus full of people,

You felt alone.

But you appreciated it there,

More so than your own home.


You were too scared to reach out for help

But also scared of having no one.

You were nervous when I met you.

But then our friendship began to grow.


Now you tell me what you’re cooking.

You tell me what’s on your mind.

You tell me all that scares you

And you tell me what makes you smile.


And although you’re still learning to trust,

Although you sometimes distance yourself from love

I know that you’re trying

And I know you feel safe.

And you know that I love you,

More and more, each and every day.


Now we talk until the stars shoot across the sky

You spend hours with me, just trying to make me smile.

You… you’re such a big part of my life.

And I can’t wait for that one day…

The day I can finally be called your wife.


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