Your Tranquilizing Love

Your Tranquilizing Love  
Your love is like a tranquilizing 
of the dark You even took my heart
and broken it down
Deep , deep down from on reaper 
In my heart 
I find a love for you sometime 
ago even in the pain of age 
But hate comes to my mind like a 
cold rhyme of the dark side 
I lost all feelings with time
A heated up night of summers blues 
came like a firecracker in late June 
For some reason I don't feel the same
as I Once did in my life 
I can't explain it 
my heart had gone so numb 
But letting you go was the best thing
I could had ever done 
Your love is like a wild storm 
that never goes away
Your dark Love 
brings me so much heartaches   
so much shame of your sick away's
You take even the smile off my face 
Your love is to much for me to hang on to 
I let you go so give me back my soul  
My heart has gone cold
This old love of yours is to old
You still kept running deep in my mind 
I find myself praying night and day 
For the image of you to go away
you make me want to scream  
you even haunt me in my sleep   
I am not the best person in life   
But I am not a bad one 
I don't deserve your kind of love   
Darkness is your game
your love is so fake it gives heartaches
I can't live like this 
Set me free please 
let me be 
I made a promise to always love you   
I will never break that promise  
But not the same way you love me 
If you come out of the dark and change 
to light of day  
My love for you will run deep 
Like the Mediterranean Sea 
Your love in the dark that is killing me   
You have taken all my strength from me 
Your love is lukewarm 
I was always loyal to You
I never cheated on You 
I was always their to hold you when you sleep
I even watch you dream
You are always about you and your needs   
You gave me lies 
and false dreams of what a love could be 
Never had I made you doubt my love for you    
I never broke a promise I made to you 
I was always true even when 
you cut my heart in two  
But only you did all those bad things to me 
And even called me Nona of your dreams   
Your accomplishments was you with me 
the woman of your dreams
Your true happiness 
You always told me God gave you and angel 
and her name is Lilly  
But your love hurts so much it made my heart
bleed many seas 
I want you to never suffer nor cry 
You told me You had Loved once before 
but that love had faded 
You never Love anyone as You had Loved me 
I was the best thing in your Life 
You even said I was the gift from God 
but I have to ask witch one is that 
I promise I won't allow anyone in my heart 
because you already killed it 
That promise is true  
You have me running on confused   
Love is a word I will always be scared of 
The turning of your voice 
the deepness in your brown eyes tells so much lies
that runs in my mind 
Something I want to let go   
I hope you understand why I want you to 
move on without me   
I want you to stop hurting my life   
You make my life feel like I'm a failure .
Lilly Emery   Dark Angel


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