Your Touch

Your touch is tattooed 

On every curve

Your smile

Foggy amongst the autumn sun

I dream of your eyes

Sad and wandering

Shielding your face from screaming your story 

I can’t remember your voice

But I remember the rumble

The morning would bring 

The shiver down my spine

That only your lips could send 

I remember being in love with your body

In love with mine

Longing for your embrace

The peace your words would carry 

The electricity of your fingertips 

And now

There’s a shadow where you used to be

And he’s getting easier to ignore 

I keep my lights on as I drift asleep

So he doesn’t mistake my body for a window 

Crawl into my dreams


You will be only a whisper

I will mistake you for the wind

I will find someone who brings the sun

To my dark corners

Who caresses my edges and my curves

Who studies my face like a painter

Who makes my thoughts turn to the type of music -music 

My body can’t refuse

A soft place to land

When I fall again

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