Your Sweet Sound


Hearing your voice on the

Other end of this

Phone connection

My reciever

So melodic...!??!!

Definately an understatement



Harmonizing with itself

Has me laying on my stomach

Fiddling in my hair

Branding curls with my finger

Makes me contradicting

Gives me an extreme case of cases

A case of butterflies in my stomach

A case of goosebumps

Dancing up my arms

A case of my heart racing

So uncontrollably

Symptoms as a little school girl to

Her crush

Got me all types of weak


Gives me the courage to do the same

To you

And bring you to your knees

Your voice plays again and again

In my head

Making it very hard not to


Seeing you again

Your voice does you more


Than any picture of you

I've ever seen

It illuminates that man you are

Instead of just highlighting..

My, oh my.!

Just to hear


Say my name...-

Say my name..!!!

The way it just

Flows so sweetly, just


It was meant for you to say

Your voice

Brings Me To My Knees

Gets me..-

All types of bothered

Gets me...-

All types of happy

Maybe 'too' happy

Just wanna lay

With you

Whispering sweet nothings

In my ear

As I slowly catch another case

A case called 'Love'



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