When you are having a really great day
And you want your hair to sway
Cause there are birds chattering
The flowers are blooming
The sun is shining
And everyone is singing imaginatively
You move, using your imaginative -creativity
Your ears are filled with positivity
Even though people are talking, spreading negativity
Not to forget this day
You do something in such a way
That can make everyone hear the gong
Which tells that the wrong is gone
So you do nothing but write a song
When your heart's broken
Cause the thing that you loved
Had come to an end
To take a revenge or make your heart
A place full of flowers and make good things happen again
To tell the person you loved
You gave him or her
Your trust, your love
Your time, your smile
Everything went into vain
You did not want to flow a drain
From your beautiful eyes
And there are more sweet moments in your life
To tell you were or weren't wrong
You do nothing but write a song
When you turn on the radio
You hear some melodious voices
Which speak nothing wrong
That's nothing but a song
Some people listen to something
To release their stress and keep going on
And that's nothing but a song
Something's increasing, day by day
The music industry
Which is related to nothing but songs
Some people have become great artists
By singing, writing nothing but a song
If I convert this long handwritten note
Into something that will be nothing but a song

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